My experience with existing pole aerial photography equipment

Being a working professional architecture and real estate photographer, I increasingly received requests to deliver low altitude images. I tried several systems, but they were big, heavy, expensive, time consuming and clumsy to transport.

I even bought an expensive drone, but this also didn’t bring me the results i hoped for and it wasn’t easy to operate. Next to that the law in much countries has being changed lately for the usage of drones because of people’s privacy.

The quest for the ideal photography pole

What i wanted had to be compact, light, affordable, rapidly deployable and easy to transport. The finest aerial compositions are between 4 and 10 meters (13 and 33 feet) and therefore it had to go that way. Because i couldn’t find what i wanted i decided to design my own pole aerial photography equipment.

After i had developed a prototype made of carbon fiber tubes i have continually improved the design. I tested this prototype of the Photomast extensively, and my customers and I were very satisfied with the setup and the results.

From experience expert to manufacturer of the Photomast

Quite a few of my colleagues and the real estate agents I worked for were positive about the Photomast system I developed. This made me decide to continue refining the design using the best materials available, and bring it to the market. It makes me proud to see the fantastic result of all my efforts.

Advantages of the Photomast:

  • designed especially for photographers
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • easy to use
  • sturdy construction
  • ultra lightweight
  • quick and easy to move and transport
  • works perfectly together with the Camranger as a control device including live view at your smartphone or tablet

In several photographic disciplines the Photomast ensures a high customer satisfaction and brings more assignments. I am convinced that aerial photography benefits most photography niches and that has already been proven by the many thanks that i have received from customers worldwide.

John Sinderdinck