Sports camera mast


Sports camera mast

Lifetime warrenty

Sports camera mast

What’s better than capturing a clear overview of the pitch with athletes at the top of their performance and a crowd cheering in the background? Probably nothing. However, those photos are hard to take. Especially since you can’t legally operate a drone at most sport events since it is too dangerous. That’s why we invented Photomast. A lightweight, strong and easy to use sports camera mast designed for creating beautiful images in a split second.

Designed by and for photographers, our sports camera mast meets all your needs:

  • designed and handcrafted for photographers
  • ultra lightweight due to best-in-class carbon fiber
  • quick and easy to move and transport
  • patented clamps for extra speed and reliability
  • unique patented rubber base for optimal stability

Stable, safe & easily adjustable

Our sports camera mast is praised for the base. We’ve developed and patented a unique rubber footpad without unnecessary rubber which is large enough to provide optimal stability and safety. The whole system is thereby designed to function as an extension of your body. This handheld shooting allows you to alter or rectify the composition by a small movement of your hand, so you are easily able to capture the right moments in the best way possible. With our rubber footpad a tripod is unnecessary because with the monopole Photomast and your own two legs YOU are the human tripod.

You can read all about our base in the FAQ.

Made of lightweight materials

You don’t want to be hauling around with your equipment in a stadium crowded with people. You want your sports camera mast to be lightweight and portable. We know, and that’s why the Photomast is made of high density carbon fiber. Our used material weighs respectively 70% and 30% less than camera poles made of steel or glass fiber and is usually three times as sturdy. In short, a strong and stable pole that keeps vibrations to a minimum and with a nice matte black finish to reduce distracting reflections.

Find your sports camera mast at Photomast

Each sports camera mast is supplied with a monopod tilt head of your choice and an original Rammount® holder for connecting your smartphone or tablet to the mast to establish secure remote control. It is also perfectly possible to mount any 3/8″ head on the Photomast as well as setting up remote control through a Camranger® WiFi network. An easy transport bag ensures easy carrying and maximum protection.

Do you have some questions or need some help? Feel free to contact us anytime or order your favorite sports camera mast now and enjoy a lifetime warrenty!

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