The Photomast is the ideal tool for architecture and landscape photography.

Modern architecture and real estate photographers can distinguish themselves by providing low altitude aerial images as an additional service to their customers.
Low altitude imaging is the finishing touch to today’s wide range of marketing tools and ideas.

Research by the NVM (the largest association of real estate agents in The Netherlands) shows that for home buyers the presence of great images is the most important selection criterion in the process of selecting their business partner.

Photomast, lifetime warranty!

In various disciplines within photography, the Photomast ensures higher customer satisfaction and more assignments. I am convinced that high-value photos are of added value and that is evident from the many acknowledgments that I have received from customers worldwide.

Our products

We offer a lifetime warranty on our Photomast products. The Photomast MK2 is made from the best high-density carbon fiber and is therefore the most robust test type in the world.

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