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Telescoping camera poles

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Telescoping camera poles

Telescoping camera poles allow photographers to capture aerial images with unique compositions and angles. Create unique overviews of sport games and events or give yourself a competitive edge on real estate and press photography. A camera telescoping pole can be operated where drone usage isn’t legally allowed or in need of a license. At Photomast we’ve designed telescoping camera poles packed with features you need to get the best results:

  • designed and handcrafted for photographers
  • ultra lightweight due to best-in-class carbon fiber
  • quick and easy to move and transport
  • patented clamps for extra speed and reliability
  • unique patented rubber base for optimal stability

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Benefit from a patented base

With the Photomast telescoping camera poles you benefit from a patented rubber base. This waterproof footpad prevents slipping and ensures stability on all terrains while still being lightweight and flexible. It provides a solid foundation for the camera telescoping pole while you operate it quick and easy. Since the Photomast functions as an extent of your body, you only need small hand movements to alter of rectify compositions and set up the perfect shot. Therefore an extra tripod is unnecessary and clumsy.

Read all about our base in the FAQ.

Truly lightweight telescoping camera poles

A safe, reliable and easy to operate camera telescoping pole is important. However, there are some practical features that make our Photomast truly stand out. One of them being made of high density carbon fiber. By producing our telescoping camera poles with this material we are able to reduce its weight down to 40% relative to aluminium ones without sacrificing any strength, agility and durability. Easy to carry and move around. Just how you like it.

Telescopic camera poles: lifetime warrenty!

Every Photomast is accompanied by a monopod tilt head of your choice, a Rammount® holder that fits your smartphone or tablet and a transport bag for effortless transport and maximum protection. It is also worth noting that you can mount any tilt-head with 3/8” thread on our telescoping camera poles. A Camranger® WiFi device for remote control is optional.

Do you have some questions or need some help? Feel free to contact us anytime or order your favorite camera telescoping pole right away and enjoy a lifetime warrenty!

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Depending on your wishes and needs, the Photomast is available in different lengths:

Every mast for height photography is provided with 3/8″ stainless steel screw thread and comes with a tripod head of your choice. In addition, you choose a RAM Mount smartphone or tablet holder for your tablet or smartphone. Also included is a padded transport bag that provides extra protection for your equipment and makes it easy to transport the height tripod.