What customers say about Photomast


For years I ‘ve worked as a 112 news photographer in the Eindhoven – ‘ s- Hertogenbosch region. After my visit to the police exhibition in Kortrijk I came in contact with John Sinderdinck of Photomast, and I was immediately sold on the results made possible by Photomast, and soon purchased one.For some time now, I have been using the 6 meter Photomast in combination with my Canon EOS 6D full frame camera with built-in WiFi. Using a special application on my iPhone, I can control my camera while it stands out above everything. This way I can capture the news in a different way, what gives a clear effect in many cases. It has happened several times that I had to rely on the Photomast to enable me to shoot an incident I could otherwise not cover.The Photomast is simple and quick to use, which allows me to take a photo from an emergency from a height of 6 meters within one minute. Me and several of my customers are extremely satisfied with the possibilities of the Photomast and the results achieved so far. Also many emergency helpers, whom I mostly capture in my pictures, regularly compliment me. And, if necessary, the fire department checks out the situation right beside me long before a platform truck or ladder truck arrives.

Sander van Gils (freelance 112-nieuws photographer)

www.persburosandervangils.nl – The Netherlands


I started taking aerial images for my clients in 2005, but I had quite a heavy setup. The old pole alone I started taking aerial images for my clients in 2005, but I had quite a heavy setup. The old pole alone weighs 36 kg and requires a lot of time to set up. Beside the pole, there were two extra cases housing the control and the wiring.I had been looking for a faster, more convenient and lighter system for quite some time before I stumbled upon the Photomast . This lightweight pole of 4 kg allows you to work fast without you having to heave heavy weights and walk back and forth to get all your equipment.I use the Photomast for residential photography and events, and can recommend it to every photographer. I had an assignment with the Dutch Forestry Commision to photograph young hawks in their nest at 9 meters height. I could have never done this using my old pole due to the dense vegetation.I also combine the use of the Photomast with using a Multicopter. I am also very pleased with the service of Mr. Sinderdinck at the Photomast company..

Rob Lenoir (aerial photographer)

www.highcamera.nl – The Netherlands


There was a very positive article on Photomast In Focus magazine in May 2013. The problem I faced was that I needed the pole at very short notice. Fortunately, the word ‘service’ is printed in large capitals on of John Sinderdinck’s forehead, the man behind Photomast. A visit to Arnhem (Netherlands) gave me clear demonstration of the pole, and a new Photomast in the trunk of the car.When you own a Photomast you also use it, and not only at the construction site where I work most of the time. A new logo on the facade of a building: the Photomast comes along and provided me with a nice peek between two trees. Group photo with way too many people and a tiny stepladder: the Photomast provides you with the meters you are missing.And the nice thing about working with Photomast is that you draw extra attention right away. Everybody wants to know what you are doing and how everything works, which provides you with an opportunity to hand out some business cards.The Photomast is very simple to operate by one person. Camera on the pole, connect the CamRanger, camera into the air, and shoot away.

Jan de Groot (photographer)

www.zorroproducties.nl – The Netherlands


This year I’ve been very busy with all kinds of assignments, for which I very regularly made use of the Photomast. My clients are very satisfied with the results, and I find that the Photomast’s higher position gives me an edge over other photographers and their work. The Photomast also helped me land a brand new large assignment.I have become quite proficient using the pole. Thanks to the rubber base, it is fast and easy to use, and when the pole is not fully extended, I can easily walk around to find another position. That makes the pole a lot more user-friendly than poles with a folding tripod base.I am glad that I stopped looking into the purchase of a drone. The height of 8 meters is more than enough for my kind of work.I am very satisfied with the Photomast and service.

Jaap van den Berg(landscape photographer)

www.beeldenmeer.com – The Netherlands


As an event photographer, I notice that it is really cool to be able to offer overview photos of large crowds to my customers. By using the Photomast you get nice overviews, including the stages from angles that are normally not possible. I myself have chosen the 6 meter Photomast in combination with a CamRanger, iPad Mini and Canon EOS 6D full frame, which was specially purchased to use on the Photomast. The Photomast is a good quality product, and working with the Photomast is extremely easy. Shortly after purchase, my iPad holder came loose. I received a new clip free of charge within one day. I am a very satisfied user and that is why I can confidently recommend the Photomast to my colleagues.

Kevin Verkruijssen(event photographer)

www.mittnick.nl – The Netherlands


I have had many situations over the years where I have wished that my tripod was much taller. I considered buying a pole many times but have been put off by others who had bought and regretted, stating that they were a nightmare to use.After doing some research, I came across the Photomast which seemed to be a vast improvement on these other designs. The sample video showing it’s ease of use made the decision for me. But would they ship to Australia, no problem, it was here in a few days and within a couple of hours I was out photographing an olive farm which was my first in 15 years and a perfect first job for the mast. It was clear on this first job that this pole with it’s simple and effective design was a joy to use.The design is very thoughtful, lightweight but strong carbon, snap lock clamps, rubber foot and a plate to allow you to rest the pole against a wall without damaging the camera, clearly designed by a working professional photographer. What’s more it fits easily into my car. Wished I’d had this years ago.

Simon Maguire(real estate photograher)

www.quickview.com.au – Melbourne, Australia


I am so impressed with the service I have received from Photomast. They give great advice and have excellent communication.The Photomast was shipped promptly and upon receiving it i am so impressed with the quality construction of the product. In use the Photomast is so easy to use. It is effortless to raise and lower the mast and the little features, such as the side plate to stop your camera getting damaged when you lean the pole against a wall show that this is a very well designed product.I could not be happier and i would recommend the Photomast to anybody who needs to shoot aerial photos up to 10 meters in height.

Jon Tee(real estate photographer)

www.firstview.co.nz – Kaiapoi, New Zealand


The Photomast is a dream to work with, a perfect balance of being light-weight, durable, extremely mobile and easy to use. Within the first 8 weeks, we have used it to complete nearly 100 assignments in 10 states, traveling over 15,000 miles (24,000km) by car and plane.The lightness of the carbon fiber definitely makes all the difference, because on most days we extend and retract the mast dozens of times per hour at multiple locations, whether operated by one or two people. The ergonomics are wonderful. We have found it to be extremely stable and stiff enough for use even with a light breeze.Previously, we have tested, used and considered many other types of masts and lift equipment — including other carbon fiber masts, aluminum and fiberglass masts, tripod setups, antenna poles, flagpoles, paint poles, scissors lifts, and cherry pickers. Nothing comes close to the smart design and workability of the Photomast — as professionals, it quietly allows us the freedom to concentrate on our craft.Many Thanks for a Great Product!

Kevin Chu + Jessica Paul(architectural photographers)

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA


I run a company offering professional archaeological services. Taking care of the highest standards of documentation i decided to buy the Photomast. In my opinion the Photomast has proven to be an ideal solution for making on-site documentation of archaeological excavations and historic buildings. The Photomast can be successfully used to create orthogonal photos and photogrammetric documentation.Using the Photomast I can achieve better results at a lower cost than traditional forms of elevated and aerial photography. I have chosen the Photomast because I needed an low altitude photographic system based on wireless controlled DSLR that would be extremely light, portable and easy to operate by a single man.The construction of Photomast is simple and reliable. Using the Photomast I’ve found that its rigidity ensures stable operation even with the heavy DSLR and in tilted position! I would recommend this product due to the smart solutions, best quality and good price.I am very pleased with the service and delivery. It’s also good to know that you can always count on the support and advice.

Patryk Muntowski(archaeological photographer)

www.aes-archeologia.pl – Miechow, Poland


I researched aerial photography for a long time before getting the Photomast. The multi-rotor copters required a steep investment, a large learning curve, and the liability nightmare if they ever crash (and they do).The Photomast enabled me to take photos that looked just like most low-altitude aerial shots without the worry of a copter potentially crashing into someone’s property or injuring someone.The Photomast was also ready to use without training. And best of all, it is easy to transport around a job. I carry it with my camera attached in one hand as I quickly walk around the grounds of the houses I shoot. Its mobility is a top feature I value.

Jason Wells(real estate photograher)

www.wellsestates.com – San Rafael, California, USA


We looked at a lot of “running” commercial images online and realized that many of the images did not have aerial views and thought that some outdoor running shots taken with the Photomast would be something different. With the help of the Photomast, we were able to get the entire bridge and scenic background in the frame, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.The pole’s lightweight carbon body reduced fatigue at the shoot as well as making transportation to the site, with all of our camera gear, easy. The set up was simply and fast, the snap locks were secure, and the base stand worked great even in the snow.We recommend the Photomast to all photographers who want a new prospective for their photography along with great customer service. The use of the Photomast with the CamRanger sped up the process even more, the live view on the CamRanger enabled us to frame our shots, change settings, and review pictures.

Melissa Ryckman(Camranger co-founder)

www.camranger.com – Pinedale, Wyoming, USA


I was surprised that everything went so smoothly. I don´t know how i would have managed to take aerial pictures without the Photomast.I´m very pleased with the Photomast. The Photomast is very easy to handle and can be easily carried to different places. The Photomast is really stabile, even for a monopod.My customers are also very pleased with the aerial pictures taken with the Photomast. Thank you John, for your wonderful service!! I´m really happy!!

Outi Lehtinen(real estate photographer)

www.aaltophotography.net – Tampere, Finland


I have been interested in the possibilities of mast photography for sometime. I made my first mast using steel tube and, whilst it had the obvious drawbacks, it was just successful enough to make me want to try a professional mast. I am using my Photomast with an Ipad mini mounted with the Xgrip and find this really good. I have been using the Photomast on top of my boat in man made canals with success, to the extent that local real estate agents have had me do some work for them. The Photomast is very easy to transport and raises and lowers effortlessly. I agree with the comments offered by other Photomast users when they have noticed resentment towards “drones”, quite apart from the expense and the danger that can be associated with them. Keep up the good work.

Brent Balchin(photographer) – Australia