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Camera pole stand

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Camera pole stand

As a photographer you know that both angle and composition determine a picture’s success. Especially in aerial photography. You need equipment that’s easy and quickly to operate so you can respond immediately to changes in the situation and get that perfect shot. Each and every time. That is where our camera pole stand comes in. A lightweight, stable and agile mast that gives you great flexibility in even the most crowded or hard to reach places. Perfect event, press or property photography and roof inspections.

Our Photomast camera pole stand meets all your needs:

  • designed and handcrafted for photographers
  • ultra lightweight due to best-in-class carbon fiber
  • quick and easy to move and transport
  • patented clamps for extra speed and reliability
  • unique patented rubber base for optimal stability

Optimal stability due to unique patented base

Our camera pole stand is characterized by a unique patented rubber base. This non-slip and waterproof footpad is perfect for outdoor and heavy use since it offers optimal stability on nearly all terrains. Even on uneven or soggy ground. You hold the base down with your own foot so you can control its stability by yourself. This way you won’t have to rely on only external components for the safety and security of your DSLR camera. You can read more about our base and its features in our FAQ.

Lightweight & agile

Our ultra lightweight carbon fiber mast is up to 40% lighter than aluminium and up to 30% lighter than glass fibers poles, making it easier to transport and operate. Smart quick release clamps allow for fast adjusting of height while small movements of your hand, body and arms quickly rectify the composition. Thus, the monopole design truly acts as an extension of your body in contrast to slower and less versatile tripod camera poles.

Find your ideal camera pole stand now at Photomast

You can order our Photomast camera pole stand in four different sizes:


Our Photomast telescopic camera poles always come equipped with a monopod tilt head of your choice and the ability to mount your favorite 3/8″ head on top. You also choose an original Rammount® holder for setting up an easy and secure connection between your camera and your own mobile device. A Camranger® WiFi device (optional) ensures you have a stable internet connection just about everywhere. All this is packed in a nifty transportation bag that protects your gear while you carry it effortlessly around.

Questions about our camera pole stand?

Do you have any questions or want some more information on our camera pole stand? We’re happy to help you out. Feel free to contact us anytime or order your Photomast camera pole stand online and enjoy a lifetime warranty now!

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