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Camera pole for roof inspection

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Camera pole for roof inspection

Roof inspection needs you to access high areas. A lot of chimneys, valleys or gutters are hard or plain dangerous to reach. The Photomast camera pole for roof inspection allows you to check those components without having to climb a wobbly ladder or getting a license for operating a drone. With a length up to 10 metres or 33 feet, remote control and unparalleled portability our camera extension pole is the perfect tool for roofers, surveyors and professional photographers alike.

The Photomast MK2 suits all your needs:

  • designed and handcrafted
  • ultra lightweight due to best-in-class carbon fiber
  • quick and easy to move and transport
  • patented clamps for extra speed and reliability
  • unique patented rubber base for optimal stability

Safe, reliable and agile

The Photomast camera pole for roof inspection offers a safe, quick and reliable way of conducting damage surveys. A patented rubber base hold down by your foot provides you stability and control in even the toughest conditions. The monopole itself serves as an extension of your body, so you’ll only need small hand movements to change the angle of the camera. This way you’ll be able to inspect all aspects and inconvenient corners in an effortless way.

Read more about it in our FAQ.

Exceptional portability

Roof and gutter inspection might require roofers and surveyors to access tricky areas in multiple ways. So you don’t want your extension pole to be heavy and difficult to move. That’s why we made our telescopic camera pole for roof inspection of high class carbon fiber. It makes the Photomast lightweight and easy to maneuver in various places, while not compromising on any strength and durability. There’s no need for teams of two anymore.

Camera Pole for Roof Inspection

Each model is delivered with the monopod tilt head of your choice and an original Rammount® holder made in the USA for easy remote control through your smartphone or tablet. You can also mount any tilt-head with 3/8” thread on the Photomast. With the optional Camranger®  WiFi device attached to your camera you can establish a secure connection between your camera and smartphone or tablet.

Altogether the Photomast telescopic camera pole for roof inspection suits all your needs. Do you have any questions or need some help? Feel free to contact us anytime or order yours now and enjoy a lifetime warrenty!

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