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PHOTOMAST MK2 6 meter | 19.7 FT

Key features

  • Total weight 2,6 kg | 5.7 lbs
  • Total transport length 126 cm | 4.1ft
  • Very light and strong high density carbonfiber inner core
  • Extra strengthened 3K carbonfiber outer core
  • Air cushioned when being retracted
  • Strong quick release clamps
  • Flexible lightweight rubber base of only 344 grams | 0.75 lbs
  • Most stable carbonfiber photography mast in the world


The Photomast MK2 comes with:

  • Monopod tilt head of your choice
  • Rammount® holder of your choice for smartphone or tablet
  • Transport bag for ease of use and maximum protection
    (WiFi control optional at extra cost available)

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Each Photomast is made by hand and is made of the best high-density carbon fiber. With the specifications we use, the Photomast is the strongest and most stable photography mast in the world.
At the same weight, carbon fiber is 3 times stiffer than glass fiber, steel or aluminum. High density carbon fiber is: 70% lighter than steel, 40% lighter than aluminum, 30% lighter than glass fiber.
The Photomast has been developed as a 'monopod' for quick and safe work, which is why a tripod is unnecessary (see FAQ).
In the top ia a 3/8 inch Stainless Steel thread mounted, on which each photography head can be mounted.
We have great confidence in our product and therefore we give LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Photomast.

Photomast, lifetime warranty!

In various disciplines within photography, the Photomast ensures higher customer satisfaction and more assignments. I am convinced that high-value photos are of added value and that is evident from the many acknowledgments that I have received from customers worldwide.

Our products

We offer a lifetime warranty on our Photomast products. The Photomast MK2 is made from the best high-density carbon fiber and is therefore the most robust test type in the world.

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